Tomas San Juan

Tomas San Juan may be the biggest soccer enthusiast on a campus full of soccer fans. He never misses a match from his two favorite teams, Mexico National Football and the San Jose Earthquakes.

Tomas dreams of someday owning a professional soccer team and a company that organizes worldwide cross country marathons. His passion for sports is matched by his determination for learning.

“My biggest advice for upcoming seniors: don’t slack.” Tomas said. “Senior year is the year where you gotta stay on top with your grades.”

Tomas appreciates the support he has received since freshman year from Spanish teacher Carlos Baquero. Carlos said that Tomas is focused and always determined to learn more about the Spanish language and culture.

“I consider Tomas to be an educated kid with a good sense of humor,” Carlos said. “It was a pleasure having him in class and being his advisor.”

One of Tomas’s biggest challenges was staying motivated as a sophomore during distance learning. It was hard not to see friends, but school also was less stressful in some ways because he could retake a quiz if he missed class or stay in the Zoom classroom to review homework.

When Tomas isn’t watching or playing sports, he is doing Yearbook. He sees Yearbook as a free ticket to improve his social and teamwork skills while giving him a time to unwind after a long day of academics.

“Yearbook helps me because I get to work with others,” Tomas said. “Even if we don’t agree on a certain design or project, we still find ways to cooperate.”

Tomas’ friends appreciate his positivity.

“Tomas would always be there to cheer you up when you feel down or demotivated,” said senior Jonathan (JonJon) Martinez. “He is a person who can give you very helpful advice, such as how to deal with people.”

Tomas will bring his positivity and sports passion to San Jose State University this fall.

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