TikTok On Your Phone, But the Party Don’t Stop!

October 25, 2020


Photo by Sarai Wagner

Students are using TikTok more than ever during COVID-19.

TikTok has steadily gained popularity, including among students, since the start of shelter-in-place under COVID-19.

“I have been using TikTok way more, ever since quarantine has started,” said sophomore Jocelyn Guzman. 

Sophomore Angie Perez shares the experience, having been pulled into the world of TikTok after quarantine began.

“I definitely use TikTok a lot more now than before quarantine,” Angie said. “Before quarantine I didn’t even have the app but now that I do, it’s one of the apps I spend my most time on.”

With more time indoors, people have been able to spend more time on social media. Also, TikTok’s “for you page” makes it easy to find videos based on one’s interest. However, while it gained even more popularity at the beginning of quarantine, some say they are starting to lose interest in the app. 

“I use Instagram the most and TikTok falls at like fourth,” said senior Chris Young. “It used to be the first because I used to post on it, but then it got a little boring.”

However, he added, he still uses TikTok during breaks.

While some have lost interest in the app, some never even got into the whole TikTok  craze. 

“I already have social media that can inform me and entertain me, I don’t need another social media app on my phone,” said junior David Martinez, who never downloaded the app. 

TikTok, which was created in China, became the center of attention lately, with President Donald Trump threatening to ban the app multiple times. According to the New York Times, restrictions on TikTok and chatting app WeChat may see major restrictions, supposedly to prevent data collection and retrieval of U.S. citizens’ information by the Chinese government.  

During the summer, in the peak of the Black Lives Matter protests, TikTok served as a way to spread information and footage from protests.

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