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The Student News Site of Eastside College Preparatory School

The Eastside Panther

The Student News Site of Eastside College Preparatory School

The Eastside Panther

Teacher Stacy Arevlao remained masked while talking to sophomores Rene Oseguera and Jiovany Martinez-Nolasco in Tutorial on Sept. 7
Mask-optional Policy: Confusing or Liberating?
By Ariana Delabra September 17, 2022

With more relaxed rules concerning masks and other COVID-19 precautions, a typical scene happened in a Tutorial on Sep. 7. About 20 sophomores filled the room and only six were...

New Rules: A Love-Hate Story
By Betsabeth Cacho Lopez September 16, 2022

Many rules have changed this year, from electronics to dress code to dorm tutorials, and students believe that some of the rules need to be modified. Cell phone rules are causing...

New PE Class Absorbs Strength Overflow
By Jocelyn Urbina September 16, 2022

A new sports elective has emerged this year: a Physical Education class held during 9th period, which meets the fitness requirements. The idea of having a PE class came to Vice-Principal...

Editorial: Freshmen, We Have Some Advice For You
September 21, 2022

It feels so nostalgic for us upperclassmen when we see you all running around campus and playing tag on the quad.  Perhaps we feel a little embarrassed because we were once just...

Tutorial: Convos Are Important, Let Us Talk
By Danelle Brito, Entertainment Editor • September 21, 2022

As I sit in a tutorial working on my homework, my classmate leans over and asks, “Do you know how to solve this problem?” I begin to explain the solution, when I hear from...

Photo Courtesy of agricultural worker Jose Remedios Castillo.

Farmworkers sort and package vegetables in Gilroy.
Farmworkers Deserve Our Support
By Ariana Delabra, News Editor • September 16, 2022

Nearly 60 years ago, agricultural workers in California came together with the help of the United Farm Worker association (UFW) to fight for the rights of the campesinos, farmworkers....

Freshman and Library Crew member Emma Adjei reading in the Library on Sept. 19.
Student Library Crew Brings New Genres to Campus
By Betsabeth Cacho Lopez September 21, 2022

Ever checked your inbox on a Friday and noticed a Featured Fiction Friday email? Every week, Creative Writing teacher, school librarian and Library Crew leader Tina Ehsanipour,...

Freshman Jesus Garcia-Peña and Alejandro Aguilar Chavez picking up trash at Cooley Landing on Sept. 17.
Coastal Cleanup Draws Community Together, Achieves Record Turnout
By Michelle Tiburcio September 21, 2022

On Sept. 17, nearly 200 families and students gathered at Cooley Landing amid the uncertainty of rain to help pick up trash for the annual Coastal Cleanup, gathering more than...

New Staff: Featuring Samuel McCoy, Spanish Assistant
New Staff: Featuring Samuel McCoy, Spanish Assistant
By Jennifer Garcia Cabrera September 19, 2022

As a Bay Area native, Samuel McCoy is glad to be working with students from backgrounds he resonates with as a co-Teacher in Holly Chenette’s Spanish class. Samuel graduated...

Sophomore Rhonda Ward models her vibrant outfit.
Fashion on the Street: Street Style Sweeps Campus
By Michelle Tiburcio September 21, 2022

As the new school year has started, many students are experimenting with fashion.  Students find various kinds of meaning in fashion, whether enjoying specific clothing items,...

Cross Country Runners Brave Intense Heat Wave, Hold Early Morning Runs
By Jocelyn Urbina September 17, 2022

During the first week of September, the Bay Area sweltered under a heat wave, with local temperatures rising as high as 104 degrees some afternoons. With outdoor activity discouraged,...

Girls Volleyball team members huddle to perform a pre-game chant and build team spirit.
Goals for the Season: Boost Communication, Sharpen Skills
By Danelle Brito September 16, 2022

As the girls Volleyball season gets underway, the team is looking forward to bonding and improving their skills as a team and individually. Although...

Junior Alexis Martinez serves in the first game of the season on March 1 against Nueva School.
Volleyball Boys Determined to Improve Despite Though Season
By Ariana Delabra April 6, 2022

The gym filled up with tired students at the end of a long school day on March 1 against Nueva, but once the boys began to pass the ball and...


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