Alumni Services Grow and Change

The Alumni Services department has undergone a number of changes this year, adding staff and making promotions since December.

Leigh Nagy Frasher became the new Alumni Program Director after having worked in the department as a career coach in the past. Saloni Hemani was promoted to Manager of the career coaches, a growing team.

“We keep on gaining more alumni, so there are more alums to serve,” Leigh said, explaining the expansion of the staff.

Jacqueline (Jackie) Blanca, the newest career coach, said her job is to provide support and help alumni set goals and visions.

“Finding your path will never be a linear thing, there will always be ups and downs, twists and turns,” Jackie said.

Saloni said that her job as manager is different from what she did as a coach.

“As a career coach manager, I get to hire and build a team, train our team, and support the team, as well as helping create strategy and visions for our annual goals,” Saloni said.

Liz Prives joined the staff in a new role that is proving to be crucial. She is a career coach who also manages partnerships and internships for alumni.

“We have never had the role Liz has,” Saloni explained. “She’s the half-coach, half-employer relations person.

The growth of the team and the new roles “enable us to support our students and alums,” Leigh said. “I’m here to support and help connect the dots.”