Future Panther Pilots

A new aviation club for students to learn about flying and how to become a pilot started in April.

Interested students meet after school with Curt Taylor, the club’s organizer, from the Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 20. The students will learn about what it takes to be a pilot and the basics of how to become one.

“I went on a round trip and I was scared at first but being up there was pretty cool,” said sophomore Daniel Aviles.

Students said that Curt told them he has a passion for flying and started at age 16. He wants to share his passion for flying with other young people, which is why he leads the club.

Guests came to the first two meetings and talked about their experiences with flying. They showed textbooks that are used in flight club. Daniel said there is a chance for students to apply for a scholarship for the West Valley Flying Club flight school to learn to fly and work toward getting a private pilot license.

Junior Angela Hernandez said the club also created an optional student-led project to build an RV-12, a two-seater plane that made its debut in 2006 and can be built from a kit developed by Van’s Aircraft in Aurora, Oregon. Interested students planned to work on the project on Saturday mornings.

Angela appreciates the new club.

“It’s an open and inclusive space where you can express yourself freely because you don’t feel like you’re judged there,” she said.