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Nia Bostick

Nia Bostick loves alternative rock music, horror films, and boba. She enjoys spending her time practicing yoga, listening to Pierce The Veil, and rewatching “Chucky”. 

“I love Chucky, he’s the best,” she said. “Suspense and thriller is way more interesting than chick flicks or science fiction.”

Initially, Nia may seem intimidating and unapproachable, but in fact, she is simply reserved and a little shy. Despite her seemingly cold exterior, her friends describe her as loud, caring and persistent. 

“She is very honest about everything and is always open for conversation,” said friend and classmate Evelyn Ibarra. “Nia is such a beautiful person inside and out.” 

Friends recount favorite memories, simple and funny moments like shopping at the plaza, working on homework at the lab, or witnessing Nia embarrass herself in front of a waiter.

“I will miss always laughing,” said friend and classmate Gabriela “Gaby” Urena Del Rio.  “Whenever she says something weird or funny or super random, it just makes everyone laugh.” 

Nia recalls a freshman Algebra class experience as one of her most memorable moments in high school.

“The assignment was to bring in baby pictures and people would have to guess who it was,” Nia said. “It wasn’t a whole party or celebration, but there was food, and we had a really fun time.”

Nia also experienced harder times, especially during her freshman and sophomore years. Even when it was tough for her mentally, her grandmother was a driving factor in her success. 

“She would always say positive things like, ‘You’ll get through it and I believe in you,’” Nia said. “Those little positive remarks are what kept me going.” 

Nia is driven and inspired to work in the medical field. She plans to attend Foothill College alongside her twin sister, Jordyn, and later transfer to Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans, where she will major in pre-nursing. 

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