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Terrionna Reed

An Eastside student for seven years, Terrionna “TeeTee” Reed has developed a strong work ethic and built strong relationships with the people around her. 

“She is somebody who truly has taken that message we give at Eastside, where teachers are always talking about habits of work and habits of mind, and she has grown so much and as a result of that, can do complex, challenging readings and write strong papers because she is hardworking, curious, and likes to learn,” said Jaya Subramanian, who taught TeeTee for two years in AP Government, AP Macroeconomics, and SRI.

TeeTee was challenged in her first two years of high school as she struggled with her mental health and compared herself to other people in her classes. Her grades were impacted by this struggle, but she found support in her community. Her dorm community and her friends really pushed and motivated her to push to do well in her classes. TeeTee thanks the Residential Faculty for going out of their way to support the community. 

“They’re like our moms and dads away from home, and I feel like some of them really took that character, and they didn’t even have to, and I will forever thank them for that,” TeeTee said. 

Friends and teachers comment on TeeTee’s empathy and deep caring for those she is close to.

 TeeTee said that she tries to make others her priority. “I have my days where I’m not really in the mood for people, but most of the time I would make teachers feel comfortable and light up the classroom,” she said.

 Cal Trembath, who taught TeeTee Summer Bridge English, sophomore World History and junior Writing for College admired her for the value she puts on relationships. 

“Her friends were really lucky to have her during their time in high school,” Cal said. 

As TeeTee prepares to head off to Sonoma State University to major in Kinesiology and minor in Psychology in the fall, she will miss the community at Eastside, but she plans to keep on “bringing laughter into the classroom.” 

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