Seniors, in all white dance to “The Cupid Shuffle” and win the dance competition. – Photo courtesy of the 2023 Instagram page.
Seniors, in all white dance to “The Cupid Shuffle” and win the dance competition. – Photo courtesy of the 2023 Instagram page.

Spirit Week Restores Enthusiastic Energy on Campus

October 29, 2021

People on the quad dancing to “El Caballo Dorado” (Photo by Michelle Tiburcio )

Monday, Oct. 25 – Sports/College Day

Students wore jerseys, hoodies, and accessories from their favorite sports teams and universities. During the lunch break, Capture the Flag had to be postponed because the grass was slippery from the weekend rain.  Instead, students played Kahoot indoors during lunch, and during the 3:15 break, they danced to “El Caballo Dorado” in the quad. 






Tuesday, Oct. 26 – Decades Day

Students wore clothes in the styles of past decades, including some favorite celebrities’ looks. During the lunch break, students competed in a game of Musical Chairs on the quad, and the seniors won. During the 3:15 break, classes faced off in a series of Tug-of-War rounds, where juniors beat freshmen in the first round, seniors trounced sophomores in the second, and seniors claimed victory in the final.


An intense Tug-of-War game between the Juniors and Freshmen, which the Juniors won. (Photo by Michelle Tiburcio)
Students playing musical chairs in the quad. (Photo by Michelle Tiburcio)











Wednesday, Oct 27- Wacky Wednesday

Students came to school wearing the craziest combinations of clothing and colors they could find. Some people mixed and matched things like socks and shoes while others switched their style completely. During the lunch break, a few rounds of Capture the Flag were played where the different years teamed up. The same game continued on during the 3:15 afternoon break. Seniors won the game! 

Senior Jamil Rasheed sped away after he captured the green flag during the Capture the Flag game. (Photo by Diana Gomez)
Freshmen Chris Kaage ran enthusiastically to victory after capturing the blue bandana in the game. (Photo by Diana Gomez)











Thursday, Oct 28- Class Color Day

Students came to school wearing their appropriate class color to represent their class. Freshmen wore blue, Sophomores wore black, Juniors wore pink, and Seniors wore white. Even the staff/teachers participated with their color being green. During the lunch break, the activity was class dances. While not everyone from every class stepped up to participate, the few brave individuals that did participate danced to represent their class. Even the teachers stepped up with a choreographed dance! The winners of the class dance were Seniors! For the 3:15 afternoon break, relay races were being done by class and the winners were Seniors once again.


Friday, Oct 29- Halloween/ Bring Anything but a Backpack Day

Everyone came to school with the most bizarre things that could replace their backpacks. Along with all the Halloween costumes, people brought shopping carts, suitcases, laundry baskets, and more to replace their backpacks. During the lunch break, teams played Dodgeball. Everyone brought their A-game and had fun on the quad, especially because it was not a competition this time. Adding up all the points of the week, seniors won with a total of 309 points! They will receive an Ice Cream Sundae Party. The runner-ups for Spirit Week were juniors with a total of 242 points, while freshmen came in right behind them with 230 points. Sophomores trailed with 208 points.

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