Boys Basketball Players Remain Optimistic Despite Challenging Start


Boys basketball team warm up for their game against Capuchino High School. (Photo courtesy of Maya Saams-Hoy)

The boys basketball season opened on Nov. 22 with a home game against San Bruno’s Capuchino High School, full of energy, teamwork, and a sweat-slicked slippery floor, with the stands full of families, fans and teachers.

Junior Kingston Asikia put the first quarter in motion when he caught a rebound and sped the ball to the net, making a layup and earning Eastside’s first two points. The quarter grew more challenging and the Panthers fell behind, ending the quarter at 2-16, and ultimately losing the game 39-59.

“The reason why we lost was because we had 20 turnovers in the first quarter,” said freshman Matthew Bass.

The boys played with energy and aggressiveness, many times bumping into opponents or tripping over each other when running to the ball. When this happened, the boys didn’t hesitate to offer a hand to pick up an opponent or teammate.

Although the first quarter ended with Capuchino leading, the Panthers maintained hope and continued to the second quarter with energy. The boys quickly began to talk and encourage each other while passing the ball around. Soon after, freshman Isaiah Gates took the ball down the court and scored with another layup.

Smiling faces and passionate cheers filled the gym. Matthew’s mom, Larita Kemp, drove from Gilroy to watch the game.

“I think it’s so important and positive for the kids,” she said, as the boys took the court. “Come on Eastside!”