In-person Graduation Caps Back-on-Campus Senior Year

Congratulations, Class of 2022!

The 50 graduating seniors this year were admitted to 101 colleges across the nation and chose to attend 28 schools in nine states.

The Eastside Panther continues its tradition of writing about each of the graduating seniors. We are pleased to reach our readers in our year-end print edition, and also here, in our online edition. Scroll over the photos for highlights and CLICK on a photo to read about that graduate.

Aaron Cedeño
Aby Zarza
Aliah Ruiz
Alondra Zamora
Arayah Hampton
Ashley Barriga
Ashley Vargas
Paloma Colin
Billy Rosas
Brenda Castillo
Chris Escalante
Chris Guerrero
Cirilo Gomez
Corey Walker
David Martinez
Diana Gomez
Erika Morales
Esmeralda Lopez
Lupita Diaz
Henry Soria Torres
Indira Villeda
Isaiah Pardue-Bishop
Itzel Revuelta
Jasmine Tostado
Jay Rosas
Jessica Cornejo
JP Aguilar
Jonathan Aldama
Jose Lopez
Joshua Nickings
Jojo Carter
Juan Lopez
Judge Cantrell
Karla Cardenas
Kianne Ferrer
Lizette Hernandez
Vuka Asikia
Luisa Soto
Maya Saams-Hoy
Melanye Cisneros
Naz Perez
Raymond Reece
Ricky Enriquez Mancia
Roy Diaz
Samantha Sandoval
Sarai Wagner
Sergio Ochoa
Stephanie Xiloj
Victoria Zaragoza

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