Photo by Diana Gomez-Ochoa

Billy Rosas

Enthusiastic, curious, thoughtful and caring – friends use these words to describe Billy Rosas.

Billy came to high school hoping to make his mark like his older brother, who graduated from Eastside in 2019. And he did.

As a freshman, Billy felt he got off on the wrong foot with some of his classmates. “It was not great,” he said. “I feel like I did a lot of bad first impressions.” 

But he redeemed himself through the year, and many people found him outgoing. 

Billy approached me and asked if I wanted to play some frisbee,” said classmate Joshua Nickings. “That was the first time I met Billy, and that first moment I was so grateful to him.”

Billy also learned to communicate with friends, doing his best to make them feel listened to, because then they can hear his voice, too. Many students and staff have noticed his caring attitude towards others. 

“He’s always got a smile on his face,” Nickings said, “and he is always ready to bring someone into a good mood.”

Teachers have noticed how Billy helps others.

“He doesn’t wait to see if you need help,” said SRI Teacher Jaya Subramanian. “He sees someone who needs help and thinks, ‘I’m gonna pitch in.’”

Billy has taken Strength & Conditioning for three years, and took Photography in his freshman year. He gave a try to the Business Club, but felt it wasn’t a good fit; however, Anime Club stuck since freshman year and he became president of the club as a senior. Billy also was selected for the after-school program that is preparing a small group of Eastside students to travel to China this summer. 

Billy will bring his supportive attitude and enthusiasm for learning to San Jose State University, to major in Entrepreneurship.

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