Photo by Azeneth Rocha Coronel

Chris Escalante

Christopher (Chris) Escalante has left big footprints within the Eastside art community.

Since middle school, he loved doodling. In Advanced Art, he explored different styles of art, stumbled across spray painting, and it became a favorite.

As a junior, Chris won 8th place in the LeRoy Nieman contest to create art based on the artist’s original work. Chris created animal prints using spray paint. He also submitted another spraypaint piece representing balance through space and won the silver key award in the Scholastic Art and Writing contest.

Chris spread his love of spray painting, teaching it to seven friends and classmates across all grades.

“It felt nice because I was helping people to express themselves through the way I do and they had fun doing it,” he said.

Chris has also taken Photography and Drama and this year, joined Track & Field. Although he was a novice shotput- and discus-thrower, he made it to finals.

“I’m proud of myself because I beat my own standards,” he said.

Many friends consider Chris family, such as classmate Aliah Ruiz, who appreciates his unlimited kindness.

“Chris is very brotherlike, anytime you get close to him, he’ll treat you like a sibling,” Aliah said.

Senior Judge Cantrell also appreciates Chris’ big heart.

“Having his support, having his friendship and brotherhood,” Judge said. “It’s made me a better person and he’s definitely made me stronger.”

 As a junior, Chris found the concepts in AP Macroeconomics class fascinating and discovered an interest in understanding how money flows through the economy. Then, this year, Chris started selling his artwork online and an Eastside sponsor bought a piece, too.

“I want to expand my social network and make partners with people who want to understand money,” he said.

Chris will continue spray painting as a hobby and major in Business Economics at University of California, Riverside.

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