Photo by Stephanie Xiloj

Jonathan Aldama

Jonathan Aldama never fails to make his classmates erupt in laughter. Senior Joshua Nickings, one of Jonathan’s close friends, describes him as “energetic, lively, funny, goofy, crazy, and intelligent,” and also as a “motivator” who made an impact on his life. 

SRI teacher Stacy Arevelo describes Jonathan as “curious”.

“He always wants to figure out how things work, why things are the way they are,” she said.

 Jonathan has appreciated the support he has felt throughout high school and will miss it when he leaves.

“It’s a thing where everyone kind of is here to do the same thing, which is to go to college and make sure that we can be set up for success,” he said.  

 Jonathan also appreciated the opportunity to become involved in the school community. He joined various electives and clubs, including Computer Science, Photography, and Strength & Conditioning, and the Robotics Club, Refurbishing Club and K-pop Club. During his free time, Jonathan enjoys playing video games and building Legos. He moved into the dorms this year in order to stay on top of his academics.

As he prepares to leave for college, Jonathan offers some advice to younger students: “Just do your stuff,” he said. “You know, it’s a thing where you become so much more happy and you feel so much better about yourself.”

Jonathan said he will miss the teachers the most as he heads off to California State University, East Bay to major in Computer Science. He wants to give a special shout out to Stacy for always “being a real one” and “understanding.”

Stacy offers some advice in return: “Remember those moments, those seasons where [you] did feel really on top of things and super-productive,” she said. “Do everything [you] can to recreate those moments.”

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