Photo by Diana Gomez-Ochoa

Paloma Colin

“Caring, funny and selfless” – that describes Paloma Colin, said friend and classmate Brenda Castillo.

Paloma remembers feeling intimidated at the start of high school.

“It was definitely a big change,” she said, “from getting no work to a lot of work.” 

As the curriculum grew more intense, Paloma felt like she was on a roller coaster. But she persevered.

“I didn’t start off with great habits of work,” she said. “It definitely took a lot of work and growth to be able to master my habits of work.”

Aside from developing strong habits of work, Paloma went above and beyond in athletics, too, participating in Track & Field, Cross Country and Soccer. And despite any inner uncertainty, Paloma’s warm personality led her to make new friends effortlessly.

“She’s so kind and outgoing,” said friend and classmate Alondra Zamora.

Alondra met Paloma in Summer Bridge and feels they get along so well because of their complementary personalities.

“She’s more outgoing with everything,” said Alondra, “while I’m a little more relaxed.”

Paloma has a big heart and is the friend you can count to lay off any worries.

“She’s the only person who wouldn’t judge me,” said Brenda. “She listens and will always be there for me no matter what.” 

Paloma cherishes her friends and family. One of the hardest parts of heading off to college is leaving home.

“I am very much a homebody and am super-close to my mom, so it’s going to be hard leaving,” she said.

Fortunately, Paloma won’t have to move too far away when she starts at San Francisco State University this fall.

She also will miss the support of teachers and the Eastside community. 

“Appreciate the time with your friends because senior year goes by so fast,” she advises younger students. “All these years went by fast.”

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