Senior Judge Cantrell and sophomore Yvonne Barrajas perform in “Door to Door” in the Panther Theater on April 27. (Photo by Diana Gomez)
Senior Judge Cantrell and sophomore Yvonne Barrajas perform in “Door to Door” in the Panther Theater on April 27.

Photo by Diana Gomez

Eager Fans Welcome Performers Back to In-Person Stage

May 23, 2022

Student actors returned to the Panther stage to perform in person for the first time in more than two years on Apr. 27 and 28, bringing humor and seriousness to the packed audience of eager fans.

Eastside students, families, and friends filled the theater to watch the production of Door to Door, a compilation of mini stories that dealt with relatable subject matter, from the funny awkwardness of dating to the overwhelming nature of decision making.

“I didn’t know what to expect, I’ve never been to a play before,” said freshman Daniel Aviles. “I loved it, it was awesome.”

Students and staff who remembered school plays from a few years ago were excited to finally be back in the audience for another fun night watching students perform.

“It’s so fun seeing young people act in plots and themes that apply so universally,” said American Literature and SRI Teacher Stacy Arevalo.  “I just love seeing the students perform and be creative.”

Not only was it exciting for those in the audience, it was also a thrill for for Drama teacher Amy Conners.

“It’s so nice,” Amy said. “The audience is an integral part.”

The Drama class has been working on Door to Door since they first received scripts back in October. After having to deal with delays and uncertainty due to COVID, the cast finally could pull together and throw their energy into the in-person production.

The production of Door to Door not only marked the big return of Drama to the in-person stage, it also marked the final performance of senior Judge Cantrell as part of the Eastside Drama class, where he has been performing since he was in middle school.

The weeks after the Drama production brought other live performances back in person, including by the Dance, Band, Piano and Choir classes, as well as mounted shows by Art and Photography.

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