Volleyball Boys Determined to Improve Despite Though Season


Photo by Sarai Wagner

Junior Alexis Martinez serves in the first game of the season on March 1 against Nueva School.

The gym filled up with tired students at the end of a long school day on March 1 against Nueva, but once the boys began to pass the ball and achieve their first rallies of the season, the bleachers overflowed with loud excitement and cheers. After a few successful rallies, and a long and tiring four sets, the Panthers ended the evening with a loss.

Starting the second semester with a team of 12, the volleyball boys stepped on the court with amazing chemistry and drive to improve. Despite most of the players having little experience, they have been working hard during daily practices to perfect their moves.

Senior Joshua Nickings, one of the team captains, who is playing for his third season, has noticed the hard work and dedication of the entire team.

“Literally everyone is so motivated to improve and be better than before,” he said. “For that, I know we can go far.”

Like any sports team, the volleyball boys acknowledge that they have a lot of room for improvement, not only as individuals but also as a team.

Junior Alexis Antonio Martinez, another team captain, said that the team needs to improve in movement and communication.

“As a team, we tend to fall on these two aspects of the sport, but with the determination the boys have, I am hopeful to see positive improvements in the coming games,” Alexis said.

Despite losing their first five games, the team has maintained high hopes and remembered the importance of a positive and team player attitude. Although the players were frustrated and tired on the court at the end of three long sets, they bounced back to continue the hard work to the end.

“We are a new team where a lot of us haven’t really played ever before,” said junior Uriel Velazquez-Leon, who previously played one season. “But with that said, we are a team who is determined to get better.”