Why Are People Fascinated With Ye?

April 6, 2022


Photo Courtesy of @Ye on Instagram. Photo Illustration by Azeneth Rocha-Coronel

The name Kanye has been getting a lot of media attention lately because of his recent divorce from Kim Kardashian. The attention isn’t just about the divorce, but about the way Kanye has treated Kim and her statement that she sought a divorce in order to protect her children and her own sanity.

Amid the uproar and gossiping and insults, the Kanye-and-Kim saga has many elements that are similar to what ordinary people experience, which may be why they command so much attention.

Kanye has been known for many things over many years, including for struggling with his mental health. It’s almost impossible to avoid posts about Kanye on social media, and students are attracted and repelled by Kanye-news as adults. His recent abusive behavior toward Kim and her new partner, Pete Davidson, draws many reactions.

“The only reason people think its justified is because he’s famous,” senior Jonathan Aldama said. “If it was any other person he would be in jail.”

Kanye’s behavior happens on a much bigger platform – an Instagram account with millions of followers, for example – but it causes the same kinds of problems regarding privacy as could happen for anyone, including students. When Kanye posts private conversations and text messages, it ends up invading the privacy of the other people involved.

“That’s what makes the situation difficult,” English teacher Nohely Peraza said. “It should be resolved privately, but it’s not.”

Kanye’s comments have also unleashed a fan war between his own fans and Pete Davidson supporters.

“At the end of the day, it’s Kim’s decision,” said Jonathan, “and he just has to deal with it.”

The divorce process started early last year and has been rocky, and that isn’t unique to its happening to famous people.

“It speaks volumes to what women put up with in a relationship, and the additional barrier of the legal system,” Nohely said.

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