Cross Country Runners Brave Intense Heat Wave, Hold Early Morning Runs

During the first week of September, the Bay Area sweltered under a heat wave, with local temperatures rising as high as 104 degrees some afternoons. With outdoor activity discouraged, PE classes were suspended and students headed to tutorials instead. 

The Cross Country team, however, kept on running.

Coach and World History teacher Jasmine Kelly Pierce decided to continue practice when she realized that many students had not kept up running over the Labor Day weekend, despite instructions to do so. 

To make up for those missed days, students met at 6:00 a.m. for early morning runs during the first week of September. Students who missed a morning practice were not excused and expected to make it up on their own time over the weekend. 

“I hate running in the heat but I know it can make you a better runner,” Jasmine said.” It’s good character building when you push yourself to the limit.” 

Running in the morning is one way to avoid having to run in the heat, she said. “It gets your day started in a really nice way BUT on days like this it is so much cooler,” Jasmine said. “All you have to worry about is your pace and legs, not ‘Am I going to throw up or pass out.’” 

In addition to the morning runs, some students ran in the afternoon, too. Eight girls showed up to a six-hill repeat workout on Sept. 7 at Byxbee Park in 92-degree weather. 

“I felt like I wanted to give up and I thought I was going to collapse and throw up,” said sophomore Camila Berber, one of the girls who came to the afternoon Byxbee run. “It was tiring but in the end, it feels nice knowing what we did.” 

For runners who do practice on hot days, Jasmine recommends drinking lots of water and listening to your body to adjust your pace accordingly.