Editorial: Helen, Sara and Jorge, This One’s For You

From teachers, to sponsors, to the career team, so many teachers and staff surround us with love and care. This month, The Eastside Panther editors want to specifically thank Helen Kim, Sara Gomez and Jorge Gomez.

Vice Principal Helen Kim juggles supervising tutorials — sometimes more than one at a time — and teaching classes, and also helps with completing projects and editing essays. Even after subbing for teachers, she stays with students late after school to help them finish up their homework.

During the day, Helen seems to be everywhere but in her office. Even during the breaks, when she could be taking a nap or just recovering from a 90-minute class, she instead goes outside to supervise and have conversations with students, and then goes straight to teaching another class. It’s amazing to see Helen do all this extra work on top of being vice principal.

We would also like to thank Sara and Jorge, who clean the school each evening. Sara and Jorge don’t just clean the school, they go above and beyond to build relationships with students.

Sara does the vacuuming, and also cares a lot about everyone on campus, including the pets. When Sara walks from classroom to classroom, she always makes a pit stop to say hi to Dakota and Piper and gives them treats and water.

Jorge, who cleans the campus, cares about the students and makes sure they are doing well. After a long day of school, students often seek out Jorge to talk to because somehow he is always able to make you laugh and make your day a bit better.

Helen, Sara and Jorge care so much about the students here. If you see them please take a minute to thank them for everything they do for our school.