Gisell Aquino Ortiz

Gisell Aquino Ortiz is known for her dedication to her studies, always striving for success.

Friend and classmate Nicole Herrera described Gisell as hardworking, resilient, and bright. These qualities will serve her well in the future because she hopes to become a doctor.

Gisell plans to study neuroscience in college, a decision that was partly inspired by her desire to help people in general, and also by her family experience with her mom battling a brain tumor.

“I just like helping others,” Gisell said. “I feel like doctors take care of people.”

Nicole admires Gisell’s spirit.

“She’s always uplifting people,” Nicole said. “She doesn’t let her struggles get in the way of how she interacts with others.”

Nicole and Gisell, along with their friend senior Jasmin Bazan, played soccer for the Panthers the last two years. It was an important place to bond, especially during senior year.

“Me, Nicole and Gisell played soccer and she’s really good,” Jasmin said. “She was our striker, she’s really fast, we called her ‘Speedy Gonzales.’”

During the fall and winter holidays, Gisell and her friends hung out, went to the movies and participated in fun TikTok holiday challenges and activities.  When she has free time at home, she likes to draw and bake, and enjoys movie nights with her family.

Gisell will bring her compassionate spirit and hardworking attitude to University of California, Santa Cruz in the fall.


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