Photo by Rashel Naranjo

Nicole Herrera

Nicole Herrera is academically driven, always working hard and giving it her all. Friend and classmate Jasmin Bazan called her persistent, hardworking and smart.

“She doesn’t give up when she wants to do something,” Jasmin said. “She does it and gets it finished.”

Nicole always strived to obtain everything she worked for even when things got tough, senior Gisell Aquino Ortiz said. “She also likes to push you to do the best you can and motivate you.”

Nicole enjoyed chemistry and biology throughout high school.

“I always kind of found math and science a little more compelling, interesting, and a little easier than English and language classes. I realized that in my bio and chemistry classes I was really engaged and ready to learn and ready to know more,” she expressed.

This helped Nicole decide to major in bioengineering when she goes to Santa Clara University this fall.

During winter break this year, Nicole went on a cruise with some friends.  They all got to enjoy themselves and relax.

“Making those small memories these last couple months of high school was important,” Nicole said, as she recalled the time she and her friends rented a floatie pulled by a jet ski.

Nicole is also grateful for her family. They have always been there to support her by bringing her up, making sure she has what she needs, and pushing her forward to do her best.

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