Photo by Juan Ibarra

Natalie Villalon

What was your favorite class?

AP Literature, because I like writing and I like the books that we read.


Where are you going to college?

Mount St. Mary’s University in Los Angeles, majoring in Chemistry, because I enjoy the diversity and the community feels like family.


What is something that you are definitely going to take from home to your new room at college?

Posters of NBA YoungBoy and A Boogie, two rap artists I listen to, because they are my favorite artists and their posters were given to me by important people in my life.


What is something you accomplished in high school that you’re proud of?

Getting to be the captain of the soccer team.


Three words that describe you:

Funny, caring, determined.


What was your favorite extracurricular activity?

Soccer because it’s a sport I have been playing for over ten years. I enjoy playing soccer and especially at Eastside because it helped me create new bonds with new people and I’ve always had a passion for it.


What’s your favorite TV show?

Family Guy.


Is there anyone you’d like to thank, especially?

Sarah Kreiner and Janelle Fine because they’ve seen me through my hardest times and never gave up on me, and they’ve pushed me to grow and pushed me to become a better person.


Any last words for Eastside?

Thank you for the support.




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