Students and Staff Share Anxiety and Relief

The Eastside community isn’t meeting up in person these days, but they still have lots of thoughts and observations to share.  The Eastside Panther went out to gather some early impressions after Election Day to spark a town-square discussion here, in the newspaper.

Maria Brambila, senior

Stacy Arevalo, English Teacher

“The 2020 election had the highest voter turnout since Reconstruction and the most voters ever in U.S. history. That is worth celebrating!"   "I'm relieved to see that the election process has been rather smooth, even though results weren't announced on Election Day--something we expected because of the number of mail-in ballots as well as states' various rules about when counting could beg...

Aaron Cedeño, junior
Siana Barker, sophomore
Jocelyn Guzman, sophomore
Yoanfranco Ochoa, sophomore

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