Panther Editorial: Despite Results, It’s Time to Unite

November 11, 2020


Photo courtesy of fauxels from Pexels

As the 2020 presidential election comes to a close, students and staff have been more nervous and anxious than ever. While we have been in this stage before, many of us have never seen a country so divided, so loud. 

Everywhere we go, we hear either “Trump!” or “Biden!” — why they should or shouldn’t win — and it can make our anxiety that much stronger. It can feel overwhelming, like there’s no escape until either the election or the next president’s term is over, and the fear that our lives will be forever changed after this election. Whether one is part of the LGBTQ+ community, is a minority, or simply an American, we can’t help but feel that our rights are in danger, no matter who wins the election. 

While it feels impossible to escape the news or outcomes, we have to remember that it will end eventually. We made it through the past four years, whether one was hoping for a Democratic or Republican win, and although we struggled and met frustrating times, we made it till this moment. Through our fears of deportation, the Black Lives Matter protests, and everything the President has done or said in the past four years, we made it through to this moment, where we are choosing who leads the country. 

And just like that, we will go through the next four years together. Instead of a nation divided by party, we must remember the importance of coming together at a time like this, and the fact that we are all humans, we are all Americans, and we all live in this country. That brings people together more than a political party does, and even though many of the people around us might share different opinions and express them loudly, we must rise above. They too are humans, just like us, and they are also struggling to accept that one way or another, the country is going to change after this decision. 

The fear, anxiety, and anger we feel while decisions continue to be made can feel overwhelming. By pushing forward, remembering to prioritize our mental health over the news, and banding together, this election anxiety will pass, and we will forget about this moment until the next election comes around, and we start all over again. 

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