Co-Editors in Chief Spill Their Tea on the Election


Digital portrayal of Gaby (left) and Naz (right) discussing the election.

GABY: So what do you think of the


NAZ: I’m glad Biden won. Even though I know he’s

not that great, he’s definitely better than Trump.

I want my rights, as a bisexual person, as a woman of color,

I’d like to keep those. And with the way the Supreme Court is

going, I feel a lot more comfortable having a

Democrat in the White House. 

GABY: Have you seen those memes of Melania Trump

and Kim on their way to go vote for Biden instead of their


NAZ: YES! I saw that one earlier today!

It was amazing. 

GABY: Anyways, what do you think of Biden

choosing Kamala Harris as his VP?

NAZ: Let me be honest with you, I don’t know that much!

About either Biden or Kamala Harris, because a lot of what we

focus on as a generation is Trump and all the stuff he’s done.

And I know there’s probably some shady stuff they’ve both done,

but at this point, when it comes to basic human rights,

I just stick to Biden. It kind of scares me, I am scared!

GABY: I just started looking at the propositions…

 NAZ: Oh, in California they just voted ‘no’ on

Affirmative Action

GABY: I know!

NAZ: It sucks that we have to wait another four years to

vote in a presidential election. But at least there are

other elections every year. And, did you see that they

gave felons back the right to vote? 

GABY: Oh yeah! That’s good! I was thinking

of saying ‘yes’ to that one, too, if I could have voted.

I was looking at all the ways it’s leaning right

now on the propositions, and it seems like

California doesn’t like change!

NAZ: Yeah, like all the things that could be like a good

thing for society possibly, they’re voting ‘no’ on. 

GABY: It might be because it’s like the system is

okay right now, why change it you know?

NAZ: And also because the main thing right now is the

presidential election, and there didn’t seem to be a lot of

attention on propositions this time around. 

GABY: I’m looking at the map of the election,

and the fact that there is seemingly more red states

than blue states just feels weird. 

NAZ: Am I scared that I’m seeing a bunch of red states

right now? Low-key yeah. 

GABY: Yeah, but then I think, these are all country states,

with less population, so they have less electoral votes. 

NAZ: But we already know that Trump is going to

throw some type of fit since Biden won.

GABY: Yeah, he’s already suing places, who

knows where this is going to go. But now that we have more of a

decision that had been made, there’s probably going

to be some riots. There have been a lot of celebrations in

different parts of the country, so that gives me some

kind of hope, but there are still a lot of Trump supporters that

are pretty angry. 

NAZ: Yeah, so one way or another there’s probably

gonna be riots of some kind. So it’s like, that’s scarier,

thinking of the riots and violence. 

GABY: I haven’t seen the country so divided

like it is now. It’s crazy. 

NAZ: Now I’m just thinking, is that serious?!

It sounds insane, all the talk going around. 

GABY: So overall, what do you think of Biden’s win?

Did he deserve it?

NAZ: Well yeah, obviously! We don’t want

Trump in office again!

GABY: Yeah, I agree! What do you think of

Trump’s claims?

NAZ: I think Trump’s overreacting, he seems immature.

And I don’t really like how it reflects on our country,

it’s embarrassing. He just needs to concede. 

GABY: Yeah, I definitely agree. It just seems a

little bit like a childish situation. But, I guess now

it’s just time to wait and see what happens. We’re just

scared for our lives, but our generation is known for

making a mockery of our own suffering.