Surviving Finals: Tips and Tricks

Surviving Finals: Tips and Tricks

Finals week is now upon us.  Dun dun DUN

Here are some tips to help you out, courtesy of The Eastside Panther editors:

No all-nighters: Get enough sleep the night before your big test

Wake up early: Get up half an hour early to do last minute prep

Create study sheets: Just writing things down will help you remember them, and they’re also useful for review

Clean up your space:  An organized space for tests can lessen the stress level

Remove distractions: Put your phone in another room, set up your music ahead of time, make sure you can focus on the test while you’re taking it

Organize your materials: Open-notes tests are great, when your notes are organized

EAT!! Be sure to have a good breakfast, or even just an apple, before you go into the test

Create regular support: Form a group for mutual support and accountability, and check in with them

Know your tests: Listen to the teachers’ explanations ahead of time of what the test will include, and prepare accordingly

Study smartly: Go back to previous tests and work on the parts that gave you trouble in the past

Go to review sessions:  Be sure to attend them and ask all your questions

Find your teacher: If there’s not a review session, seek out your teacher separately — they want to help you prepare

Explain to your family: Tell them when and where you’ll need to be for the test, so that they can help keep your environment quiet and calm while you are working

Plan your time:  Pace yourself during your studying, plan ahead for when you’ll study each subject

Take a break:  Between exams, get up and stretch, or go outside and take a walk

Stay cool:  It’s just three days and then you have two weeks off, so … there’s light at the end of the tunnel!

Cheer your friends: Text your friends before the tests to build their spirit — it will help them, and also you!

Lucky charms: Use that lucky pencil, wear that lucky sweater, give in to those superstitions if they help you feel more confident

CELEBRATE!  Treat yourself to something special when you finish finals, and remember to pat yourself on the back along the way.

Believe in yourself.  ’nuff said.