Goals for the Season: Boost Communication, Sharpen Skills


Photo by Danelle Brito

Girls Volleyball team members huddle to perform a pre-game chant and build team spirit.

By Danelle Brito

As the girls Volleyball season gets underway, the team is looking forward to bonding and improving their skills as a team and individually. Although they didn’t bring home as many wins during the pre-season as they wanted, they look forward to continuing to work hard this season.

“As a team, I hope we can work towards our goals more,” said sophomore Drea Ferrer, “and support each other throughout the season.”

The importance of teamwork is always on the players’ since they worked together since last year to improve communication. They know it will better their chances of winning.

“I feel like as a team, we have definitely improved with communication since last year,” Drea said.

With only three seniors on the team, the seniors are finding it easier to use their authority to be a good influence on the younger players. The seniors know that being pushed will benefit the players and make them work harder, so they encourage them to fix their mistakes and strengthen their weaknesses.

“I feel like I push them to work harder,” said senior Priya Putman, “to fix their mistakes and to put in the work to improve their skills.”