Student Leadership Coordinates Spirit Week


Seniors Aaron Cedeno and Judge Cantrell leading a discussion during the Sept. 20 meeting. (Photo courtesy of Linda Filo)

The Student Leadership group began meeting on Sept. 20 with 11 students, mostly juniors and sophomores, with plans to fuel school spirit and bring more fun to campus, said senior Judge Cantrell, a co-leader of the group.

“Student leadership was big before the pandemic,” Judge said. “It’s important for me to hold the same amount of responsibility as those before me.”

Currently, the group is focusing on Spirit Week, which will take place Oct. 25-29. The first step has been for each grade to choose a class color. For the senior class, that turned into a long debate, which ended with a consensus for the color white. The junior class chose pink, while the sophomores chose black, and the freshman color is yet to be decided.

After the class colors are chosen, the group will move onto choosing possible themes and activities for Spirit Week. Each class will be responsible for coming up with a dance for a competition, in which all the grades will compete with each other during lunch, and a panel of judges will choose who is the best.

The goal of the Student Leadership group is to increase the sense of fun on campus and to “get people more involved,” Judge said.

“(Students) are really going to enjoy it,” Judge added, about Spirit Week.

If Spirit Week is a success, the Leadership group may organize another one during the second semester.  In the meantime, every student is welcome to join the weekly meeting, every Monday during lunch to gather new ideas. The main goal, Judge said, is to “be a voice for the students.”